Battlefront II won't install

I now have 2 original sets of Battlefront II game discs. I changed computers a while back and my battlefront wouldn’t load so I assumed the discs were bad even though they looked fine…and I just bought another complete set off ebay for $60! Considered vintage now . Go figure.
Anyway, It won’t install either!
I tried it on my wife’s laptop and the installer pops up. On my desktop nothing happens.
I don’t know where to go from here. Hope someone has some ideas.

Can you go into Explorer and examine the contents of the disk? Perhaps you can start the installer manually.

I tried going into run and browsing the d drive. I can see the files and there is one called install, again nothing happened.

when you say go into explorer can you tell me how?

Basically the same thing you just did. My Computer, right click on the drive and hit Explore to see the contents of the disk. But this doesn’t seem to be working for you.

Which operating system are you using?


Got me stumped I’m afraid. Do other programs with autostart installers begin the installation process in this computer?

yes my other games all seem to work well. I guess its time for a cleaning perhaps. I’ll take it in to get looked at. Thanks so much for trying :slight_smile:
Appreciate it.