Battlefield vietnam - emulation

Hi there.

I have the original copy of battlefield vietnam which I use to play online.
To be able to play it, it requires the 3th cd to be in the drive.

I have 2 problems doing this:

  • I’m playing it on my laptop, and laptop optical drives sucks. At least, this one does. It takes ages to spin up and when it spins up in the game I sometimes have a little ‘freeze’ time. Which is not nice.

  • I dont want to go find the damn cd everytime I want to play it. More over, the cd is allready full of scratches and I used it very gently.

So, how can I create an image of cd3 to put on my harddrive, so I can use some kind of emulator (deamon tools) to load it from my harddrive ?
I must still be able to connect to servers…

Note: I’m not looking for a way to copy it. I’m just looking for a way to by-pass the need of a ‘real’ cd3 in the drive.

Any one ideas how to perform this ?

The easiest way is to use Game Jackal , see also This Thread

Other than that use either BlindWrite, CloneCD or Alcohol120 to rip an image of the play disc, then use Daemon Tools to mount the disc image. That way you can play it without the CD.

Or you could make a mini-image, like a full image, but instead of like 700MB its like 3MB, just start reading with the “SafeDisc 2/3” profile in Alcohol, when it starts giving reading errors, click cancel, then keep the partual image, it should be around a few MB, mount that in Deamon tools or Alcohol, then start the game, it should work.

Ben :slight_smile:

ps. Battlefield Vietnam is SafeDisc 2.9

Ok thanks a lot.
I will try these tomorrow !

I had my posted edited beacuse I was discussing No-CD cracks.

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