Battlefield Vietnam 1:1 <- how?

hey there :slight_smile:

i wanna burn the 3 cd’s of BFV as images on a DVD

the actual burning is no problem

what software+settings should i use for reading the cds? its protection is safedisc 2.90.040

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My personal favourite is discdump / fireburner combination. Simply open up discdump, choose safedisc profile, set read speed to 4x and your away!

Otherwise Alcohol 120% is always a safe bet…what cd drives do you possess? You have to know whether your burner is a two -sheep burner or not in order to choose the right profile in alcohol:

1 sheep burner (eg. plextor premium) - use safedisc 2 profile

2 sheep burner (eg. newer liteon drives) - use safedisc 1 profile

Remember to set read / write speeds to 4x to ensure a good burn!

Hope this helps


I don’t think that method will work CD 1986. You cannot successfully burn 3 CDs into a DVD. Although is you want to burn them just as images you can use Alcohol 120%. Use the SafeDisc profile (for 2 sheep) or SafeDisc 2/3 (for 1/0 sheep). Now put the images all onto the DVD and then burn it. Now load the images from the DVD when you need it.

hey guys, thanks for your help!! i made it with alcohol 120% and it works fine :slight_smile:
i read the cds with SD2 profile with my Toshiba SD-5112 at full speed… and there are no problems, i can play with the mounted image