Battlefield 2

Anyone made a successful cd image of this yet that can be mounted and played from? I hate having the originals in the drive and would much rather use an image/backup if at all possible. Thanx in advance!

you could use the forum-search for “Battlefield 2”, then you’ll see that it is protected by Safedisc one search more should bring you some ways to play your game.
in case of the DVD-Version, just make an image with alcohol, play it from your virtual drive. in case of the CD-Version, a backup MIGHT be possible, strongly depending on your burning-hardware. else, you should also be able to play from your vitual drive…

If its the CD version, use this guide. If its DVD, then like Razor said image it with alcohol and mount it. One other program you can try is GameJackal.


You could just make a mini image with alcohol, I have and it works fine.

That’s what I need, how do you make such a mini-image of BF2 with Alcohol?

there’s a HowTo somewhere here in CDF as a sticky… go and search for it…

It’s not working right. First of all I can’t select the readspeed, the box is greyed out when I want to make an image of a DVD. Second to that I don’t get any reading errors, which makes it hard to stop after 2-3 if you don’t get even 1.

I got one mini-image of the game from a friend, but whatever I do, I don’t manage to get that working either. But that’s probably since it’s not from my original disc.

If it isnt a original disc you are reading the mini-image from it almost certainly wont work, as there is no way of making a 1:1 copy of a SafeDisc DVD.

Ben :slight_smile:

I too have purchased the Australian DVD version and wish to make a backup.
So you guys are saying that there is no known way to make a backup of a Safedisc DVD.
So not even CloneCD etc can do it?
I want to take an image of it then burn it to a single sided DVD as a backup.

There is none.
Make a image with Alcohol 120%, then burn the image files (as the mds/mdf files) with nero (or any burning program).

Then mount the images from the DVD using alcohol or deamon tools virtual drive.

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I am confused. On one hand you are saying there is no way, then you say burn it to DVD with Alcohol 120%??

No, I am saying there is no way to make a proper backup.

What I said you can do is make a working image file with Alcohol, and then mount it from using virtual drive. What I said you could do is burn it to DVD just as a mds/mdf file using any burning software, and then you could mount the image from the DVD.

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system specs:::

Daemon Tools
Plextor 8/4/32a cdrw drive
BF2 cd version

Disc 1 - SD 4 - used bad sector profile BW-image success
Disc 2 - none - used normal profile BW-image success
Disc 3 - none - used normal profile BW-image success

created a 8mb Mini-Image with Alcohol w/ skip error checked

game installs from Daemon Tools Virtual Drive after I renamed the scsi driver and plays from the Mini-Image

I have a copy that works with my drive with a copy burned to disk but not with the emulation :confused:

Perhaps this would make sense if you used punctuation?

you need a life

Perhaps you should post coherently if you need assistance. Trying to cram three sentences into one helps nobody.

as I said you need a life if playing grammar cop on a forum is your thing :bow:

If you choose to ask questions that can’t be understood, don’t expect answers.
It’s simple enough really.
It’s not really a matter of my desire for people to use correct punctuation, it’s just that without writing coherently nobody knows what you are asking.

1st post was not a question it was a statement granted a poorly writen one.
(too many beers) but I was saying that I made a copy of Battlefield2 that the
disk works but the backup files from alcohol do not. But I do not see the need
or help in the flame post. If you did not understand and wanted to know what I was trying to say ask for clarification. But playing grammar cop helps no one and is not what this site is about.