Battlefield 2 Image not workin!

I play alot of FPS and other games that require the disk to be in the CD tray in order to play the game. I do have a legit copy of BF2 that i just bought and i tried creating an image so that i may be able to play it without the disk. I used Alcohol 120% and it created the image fine and able to mount it to the virtual drive, but when running it from the drive it still prompts me to add the orginal disk. I know that the easy fix is to play it off the disk but i just want o be able to play all my games without the CD in the Drive. Unreal 2004 was the exact same way until they just released a patch and in it included the no cd function. Any ideas?

Did you install the game from your original disc or from the mounted image?

I did a full install with the original 3 CD set. In Alcohol i followed guides in trying to choose the correct settings in creating the image. Although hopefully i did it right.

  1. Read Speed: Maximum
  2. Skip Reading errors: checked
  3. Fast skip error blocks: checked
  4. Datatype: Safedisc 2/3
  5. image type *.mds

I am able to get the BF2 menu where it asks to play online or load BF2 and other options but when i click on online or play BF2 it tells me i need the original disc in the tray.

Try reading the first disk @ 1x speed. Good luck


try this site http://warez are not permitted on this forum

I will definately try both when i get home. I also had a quick question. Using a mini image and mounting that in alcohol will that let you play without mounting the image in dameon tools. Or is it recommended to use dameon tools? Im still new to all of this and im trying to figure some of it out. Although i do appreciate the help keep the good work.

btw for the people who do not give credit to the respected peeople who create Operating Instructions for programs i.e. alcohol, dameon tools, etc. and post it at other forums without direct connection to the originator needs to be told and corrected where the original post came from and who created it. Its really out of respect. neways thats for a post earlier due to creating mini images.

Update! I finally got it to work. What i did was mounted the mini image in dameon tools and clicked safedisc for emulation and it worked like a charm. The part i was having problems with was i didn’t understand why alcohol couldnt run the image through its virtual drive. Thank you guys for all the help! :iagree:

I apologize for posting that site, philamber, it wont happen again.

could you send me the image that you got by alcohol of bf2?

Try here :cop:

@elcuchu as Reefke mentioned this is against our forum rules and you already got a possible solution to your problem here.