Battlefield 2 Backup

I want to create a backup of my battlefield 2. I made one and every time i click on it i get a black screen then it goes back to desktop. pretty pi**ed off because i have had this game for a week or so and the disc is looking shabby! need to play this from a back up.

I have spent 8 hours reading seperate forums and this one seems to have a lot of answers. PLEASE HELP!

Illustrated guide to copying SafeDisc 4 with emulation

Sounds like you should be more careful around your discs :frowning:

I have nippers in the house they think they make great frizzbies!
Hence the fact i would like to make a working back up then put the original back in box and put it in a high up place with my Generals and champ man and football man!
they were easy to copy, why cant they make them easier to copy!!! gits.
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