Battlefield 2 backup help

Back when I bought BF2, June 2005, I made backup images on my computer and continued to play using the discs. I stopped playing a year and a half ago, and have since then lost my discs. Yesterday I wanted to play so I reinstalled it from these images, but when I went to play, it said i needed the disc. I thought this was an easy fix, so I mounted the image using Daemon tools, which yielded no results. It asked me for the disc again. So I tried burning the game, which also yielded no results. So I made a mini image from the burned version of the game. No good. So then I read about the protections, and I was about to burn using Alcohol SafeDisc v2/3 profile, but it tells me I have no RMPS data. Am I screwed?

I think you may have a problem if you do not have the original disc. Sorry.:doh:

As it appears that you didn’t test your back-up images when you made them, in all probability they’re no good and you’ll have to re-purchase the game.

I’m not entirely sure but if you borrow a friend’s discs, image them correctly, and install with your serial, this might be legal.

i think re-purchase is the only option

man !!! u shold have tested the image file when u made it!!!
i made image file backup of the same game usin alcohol120 n
at home i mount it on my deamon tools, it’s workin fine.

Re-purchase then take back for a full refund. Thats what i would do :slight_smile: