Battlefield 2 back up?



I have tried to make a backup copy of Battlefield 2 DVD Rom. I used dvd decryptor and when i finished burning it, the burned copy opened the battlefield 2 menu, but when I clicked start BF2, it said to make sure the disk was in the drive. Can someone help me or tell me another way of backing up my game???


Make a image with Alcohol 120%. Mount it on the virtual drive and then play. At present there is no way of making a copy that you can burn back that will work. You can however burn back the image files “as files” so on the DVD you get a .mdf and .mds file. You can then mount these images on a virtual drive from the DVD you burned.


I have made a burned copy with alcohol 120 that works. But you have to let
disk autorun after putting disk in. Then when the startup screen comes up hit play fast. Most times it will play sometimes you have to reboot and try again.


i still cant believe someone hasnt brought out a simple no dvd exe for this game yet, come on clever people pull your finger out!
surly you cant tell me that the software companies are winning!!! damn!


go on I had my link removed and download no_donkey_turner_womp_womp_super_fast_cd_game_thingy



You sure are asking for one. First you post in another thead, that gets closed then you post here too. Dear god…
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*IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A 1:1 IMAGE USING THIRD PARTY TOOLS (like the ones listed /given in the Starforce thread), then THATS FINE, as you are ENTITLED To make backups. And you aren’t using nocd cracks–youre using tools to help you make a 100% working backup. The other stuff is against the rules.

Where are all these noob kids coming form these days, anyway? It’s gotten bad lately…

To the other poster:
DVD reader/writers support making 1:1 images of the original, but not BURNING them, so you have to play from a 1:1 image you mounted. And you need to change the daemon tools/alcohol device driver names (in Expert installation mode) to avoid the blacklisting. It would be possible to burn it as a real CD-miniimage and play it from the CD “backup”, but doing that would require some conversion gymnastics, since the file structure would be DVD, even if its only 50MB, and the burners would refuse to write it to a CDR…(where they do support RAW DAO writing).



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I have made a working copy of Battlefield 2. I am playing it on line with the original cd key and it works now probs. I used alcohol 120 version 1.9.5 build 2802 . Just wack in your dvd click on the copy wizard .Set the datatype to Safedisk 2/3 and burn the bitch.


Ok i am trying to do the same thing you are talking about, but i am using an older version build 1705, and when i select safedisk 2/3 in the datatype options and select ok it doesn’t stay selected. Anyone know what i need to do? Appreciate anyones help.


From my understanding, no DVD burners can make “good” DVD copy of copy protected games. Is that right? They can burn good CDs though. I use Anti-Blaxx for my BF2, but I know the FEAR demo wouldn’t run with Anti-Blaxx on. Just turn it off and it runs fine though. Also, I used it Empire Earth 2 because it detected emulation software and it bypassed that.


If you have a store bought DVD Copy, all you have to do is “copy” the first 50MB from the DVD, then cancel the copy. The partial image will authenticate just fine and save you 2 GB of hard disk space :slight_smile: Ghetto miniimage :slight_smile:

that’s what I did.
I even burned the image itself to a CD. (as a file, of course; the image is a DVD structure and i can’t convert it…)


I have a store bought CD copy and the fact that I have to leave the CD in the tray is annoying.

I’d rather sac the 700MB of HDD space and mount it on a virtual drive.

But, I cant’ make an image file.

I’ve tried an image file using Alcohol 120% and Clone CD, neither seem to be able to read it too well, and Alcohol gets DREs on every line.


Unreadable sectors are part of the protection. Just be patient.


My DVD drive recently shot craps, which has completely prevented me from playing BF2. I grabbed a copy of the DVD image from an online source. (Disclaimer: I don’t advocate piracy and I’m not looking to get banned from these forums; I know the rules. I own a fully legitimate copy of the game which is useless to me with my broken DVD drive.)

I mounted this image with the latest version of Daemon Tools. It still throws up the error about needing the disk in the drive to play. Is there a special setting that I need to enable within Daemon Tools, or is the image I obtained bogus? Any ideas? I’ve been without BF2 for a week and a half and it’s starting to hurt.

Thanks in advance for any help.



philamber, do you have the inside track on something in the pipes right now? I actually bought the CD version of BF2 just so that I could back it up without any problems.

The problem that everyone is running in to with BF2 is only on the DVD version. Reguardless of what you use, DVD readers cannot read in RAW mode (uncorrected-data) or burn Safedisc DVD at all. I’ve tried with several of my dvd burners to make a good copy of BFME, with no success. My advice, alcohol it with safedisc, and copy thoes two files to a dvd if you need a backup (just the whole files, as images)

as for your downloaded BF2, it completely lacks the errors on disc that the program looks for.


First, it’s illegal to download a copyright image even if you have a licensed original. If your dvd rom drive is broken, replace it. They’re very cheap (cheaper, in fact, than the price of a licensed original of Battlefield 2).

Secondly, there is no way we can tell what your problem may be in running the image. It may well be corrupt or you may have run into some sort of blacklisting problem.


I’m much the same as you. When I buy a game, I always buy the cd version if there is one available so that it is possible (in most cases) to make a working back-up copy.

As you say, dvd writers can’t write dvds in raw mode so a lawful (i.e. unmodified) working physical back-up copy of a copy protected dvd isn’t possible. What’s more, it’s unlikely that the drive manufacturers will ever produce a dvd writer that can.

Again, I agree with your advice that if a back-up of a safedisc protected dvd is needed, the best option currently available is to make image files with alcohol and to burn them as ordinary data files.


DVD readers can read in RAW mode.
They just don’t support WRITING it yet. Well, at least my Litey 166S can create a perfect image of the BF2 DVD :cool:
But that thing can read a copy protected Brick if you could put it in the drive…

I made an 100% image of BF2 from my DVD copy and it mounts in Daemon tools just fine. (all you have to do is rename the device drivers to avoid the blacklisting). In fact, to save the 4 GB of hard disk space, I made a 50 MB miniimage from the DVD copy, and I then burned that image (as a file) to a CD along with some other miniimages I made, so there :iagree: :clap:


Quite true (so I’ll edit my previous post). :o


Start the game using a bat file to perform the unmount mount instructions and point to daemon script. Works fine. We run BF2 from image only on 32 stations(all legal) as we can’t have clients accessing cd trays etc. After the last patch you will need to include a cd key fix exe (from web) as patch screwed up cd key retrieval.