Battlefield 2 32bots and 1800 tickets



In order to do this you must download both zip files
To play with more than 15 bots in single player do next:
(this is for 32 bots)
Go to “c:\program files\ea games\battlefield 2\mods\bf2\ai” and make a backup copy of unzip to this folder and overwrite And that’s it.

To play with more tickets in SP do next:
This is more complicated so i will try to explain it step by step
1.In “c:\program files\ea games\battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Levels” there are folders of every level you can play in single player.
2.In each folder there is zip file named “”
3.I named every zip file for the proper level.
4.Download “” file from here.
5.For every level you need to open and replace file named “Init.con” with one you downloaded here.
In that way you will have about 1800 tickets at start.

Greetings from Serbia.


Thanks alot man, i knew it had something to do with those zip files. I did allready know how to change the bots though… 64 bots and 200 tickets go quite fast :wink:


Thanks alot d00d works great :slight_smile:


Thx…works perfectly =D


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Thx, from sweden :slight_smile:


not working, it gives me an error, what should i do??


Is there anyway i can get the LAN/online maps to singel player im kinda bored to play the same maps over and over again


it doesent work i replace the init.con file in the server map and the tickets are still at 200 :S




Thanks dude it works perfect.


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but does this work??


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