Battlefield 1942

Ive determined its protected with safedisc 2.6 and ive tried several profiles but i’m stumped. im trying to read with my dvd-rom and burn with my cd-rw but im having problems. if anyone got bf1942 to back-up could you help me out?

If your burner is 2 sheep use the safedisc 2+ profile…
If its 1 sheep use the safedisc 2+aws profile
And if its o sheep use the safedisc 2+ews profile
To find out how much sheep it is either go here and do the sheep test. Or go here and look up your drive…
Also best to read and write with your cd-rw and if your playing it from a burner enable “hide cdr media” in clonecd tray

Thanks a lot! Worked great. Have a 1 sheep burner sort of disappointing but got me a nice Back up. Really appreciate it worked very nicely. :bow: :bow:

Patches 1.45 and 1.69 update the protection to safedisc 2.8 : your backup might no longer work then (because it incoporates a new pre-gap check). If it’s the case, try Alcohol with safedisc 2/3 profile.

So i should reburn my original Battlefield cd or do that to the burnt one or what. Hm sounds like a very stupid question lol.

Its not working after patch. I did the alcohol 2/3 and even tried the efm thing but stills freezes on load. I had ccd running cdr hide in tray mode is there something else i should be doing?