Battlefield 1942?

I am trying to backup my BF1942 disks 1&2. I have tried just about everything and I keep making coasters that will install the game but not play it. What am I doing wrong.

Windows XP PRO
Athlon xp2000 Proc
512MB 333DDR Ram
TDK 16/10/40X CDRW (Reading Only)
Yamaha CDRW-F1 Writer 1.0d firmware

Clony XXL 2.0.06
Clone CD 4.X
Alcohol 120% Trial Version
Aspi 2.6

Any help would be appreciated.

It’s not the first time something about Battlefield was asked.
Have you read all this stuff ?

Clues:[ul][]Safedisc 2.60.052[]Yamaha[]CloneCD…[]…using Amplify Weak Sectors[*]:D[/ul]

First of all thanks for the reply. Is it true that I have to leave the clone cd tray loaded in order to play the game? I guess what I should have said was I am trying to backup bf 1942 and use the disc in my other computer that does not have clone cd loaded. It just has a pain old cd-rom drive. What do I need to do to get it to run in that machine? It installs correctly but when I go to play the game the splash screen loads and then it goes away to the desktop. Launch again, and I get an error message.

Other PC
Windows XP Home
Athlon xp 1600
256mb ddr ram
creative labs 52x cd-rom

Other games that I backed up that did work:
Medal of Honor AA
Ghost Recon
Return to Castel Wolfenstein (Game of the Year Edition)

Also thanks to whomever recommended AWS settings. I used the profile downloaded from this forum. Neither one worked.

Ok I figured it out… Just go get a new burner.

I couldn’t decide what to buy so I read some posts and purchased an Asus 48X and a Lite-on 48X

I was a little bit disappointed with the Asus as it gave me fits right out of the box. Might need a firmware upgrade???

Anyways the Lite-on 48X worked like a champ. I got throught BF1942 and also Medal of Honor Spearhead with no problem.

Thanks to all of your help and info it was very useful.