Battlefield 1942

I just bought Battlefield 1942 WW2 anthology just a few days ago. I’ve tried a few times to install it and it just doesn’t do it. It stops on disc 2 at around 86% and an error pops up saying it cannot find specific media. And it takes forever to get to 86%. Then I tried to make a image with Alcohol 120% but it cannot make an image. Once again cuz of an error. Then I tried just dragging and dropping all the items on the cd in a folder, it wouldn’t do that either. Can anyone help me please? I would be really appreciated if anyone can lol. Or is EA games playing a sick joke on everybody and there’s nothing you can do?? lol

perhaps you cd drive?
by making an image on alcohol check the right protection.

do you get any errors when trying to copy to and from the hardrive? your h/drive could be on its way out too. try the cd on another pc .

and type this into any window offline %temp% then delete all that u can in that window .
dont worry this is your temp folder, but it could be full.