Battlefield 1942 - What Gives?

I know that this game is using Safedisc 2.51 + ATIP but when I try to clone it, the clone works when installing but it won’t run unless i use hide cdr media in the clonecd tray. Using either clonecd profile (Safedisc 2 no AWS) and (Safedisc 2.51 AWS) yields the same result. The point where my clone doesn’t work properly is when the small black Battlefield 1942 screen shows when i run the game. The cd spins up and then a box pops up telling me invalid disc. That’s the part where I believe ATIP comes in to effect. Works fine though when I use hide cdr media. Anyone get this game to clone right without having to use hide cdr media in clonecd? if so, how?

Liteon 40125S, firmware: ZS0N

when you play the game, your CD is in a ATIP reading device
IE : burner or some DVD drives.

play it from a CDROM.

or use HIDE CDRmedia all the time.

thanks for the input