Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII Help



using clonyxxl, i found that the disk is protected with safedisk 2.9.

so, using the usual settings in alcohol120% (version 1.4.3 Build 518) i made an mds image and burnt it to cdr using the standard safedisk2 settings.

when i tried to play the game, it seems to only partially pass the protection scan during loading of the game:
i don’t get the ‘please insert the correct cd and try again’ message, but instead get an illegal function error message shortly after (while the cd’s read errors are scanned)
the image won’t work mounted on a virtual drive either (nor will the burnt copy work with all virtual drives disabled)
for some reason the burnt image does work on a cdrw! :confused:

however, when i try to play the game with the daemon tools safedisk emulation enabled the copy works (even though there is no image mounted!) :confused: :confused:

btw, have checked original works and it does with no problems.
i have clonecd, alcohol, blindwrite (v4.2.5 with patin-couffin v10 installed) and daemon tools v3.33 installed and use clonecd’s hide cdr media option.

could it be a problem with my image file or the actual burning process?
the data error reads start at about sector 1200 and have tried burning @4x but still no difference.
when burning to a cdr using alcohol for some unknown reason, the memory buffer gradually drops to 0% and stays that way untill buring has finished! (have a buffer size set to 128MB) :confused:


I backed it up without problem using Alcohol, I do not understand why you’re not using this version…

don’t get the ‘please insert the correct cd and try again’ message, but instead get an illegal function error message shortly after
Does the little error box come up and you have to click it like 10 times? That is what happened to me on a bad copy.


i have not problem backing up that game at all …

but gosh you have alot of different programs on there …I would not be shocked if some kind of conflict …I have used blindwrite to do it …dose better job to me …I stopped clone cd cause blasklisted and just didnt do well at all … plus my machine problems

if you would like me message me and we could give it a try on blindwre that is okay

also get the newest version of blindwite at

then if you wanna message me or IM me at msn I can help ya step by step

msn messenger

also alcohol virtual drives are black listed too

just to let ya know … i have done backup with alcohol and blindwrite i just prefer blindwrite easier …just a personal preference


I thought everyone may be having a problem, but I seem to be running into the protection problem. I tried it using Alcohol with a Liteon LTR-48125W. No dice. Ill give Blindwrite a shot, but any special settings you guys are using that I maybe didnt think of?


you can just message me if you want …I can help ya … but cant think of any special settings off hand …

just in general settings uncheck everything … and that is it …

and in blindwrite … uncheck everything cept autoplay … you can try with or without autplay … i dont know what you hide atip with …or if you play from regular cd rom then you dont need to hide atip …

but i usually use autoplay just dependso n which burner i use …

other than that no settings …

any problems or questions just IM me or message me