BattleField 1942 Question.....not about the new patch

I have copied the game unto CDs without a problem…but when I try to start up the game…it just freezes, then the cd-rom drive start to read it very slowly…im guessing its going sector by sector, is there anyway to fix this, or make it faster ?

What did you use to copy it. What kind of software? What kind of burner? Did you use the latest patch?

Well, I used my Lite On DvD drive to read it, and my HP 9100+ to burn it using CloneCD with the SafeDisc AWS profile.

You didn’t answer the question about the latest patch, or what software you used to copy it. From what I understand, the patch promotes the Safedisc 2.6 to 2.8, which may cause you problems.

Well, I didnt update my game yet so Im guessing it has the 2.6 Safedisc protection

I suggest you go to the clone cd site and check your liteon dvd to see if it is capable of copying sd2. How many sheep does your reader have?