Battlefield 1942 problems



Hi! I recently burned a Battlefield 1942 .bin file to a CD-R using CDmate, and it turned out fine without any problems. So I installed the game from my disc without any problems, but when I opened up the game it said that I didn’t have the right CD-Rom. I tried both CD1, and CD2 but nethier would work. I’m sorry, I know that this is an Alcohol forum, but I couldn’t find a CDmate forum. I would really appreciate it, if anybody could help me.
I have a :Sony CD-RW CRX160E, and I run on Windows XP Home Edition.


A .bin file can not contain the copy protection information, that’s why your game won’t run.
Remake the images from the original cd’s (you do have them don’t you?) using Alcohol 120%.


Actually the file I burned was in ISO format, I don’t if it matters or not. I lost my original copy some time ago.


Well standard iso files cannot store copy protection details as well. You will need to get yourself a more advanced image file of the CDs such as an Alcohol 120%, CloneCD or Blindwrite image. Otherwise you’ll be not able to use your private copies to play.


I decided to use a crack in order to play the game, cause I didn’t have the original image to copy to a cd-r. Thanks for all your time and help.

I also have another question. I wanted to know if it was possible to download a movie rip in svcd format and burn the image to a cd-r, and if it would play in a dvd player.


I decided to use a crack


I wanted to know if it was possible to download a movie rip in svcd format

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