Battlefield 1942 & LTR24102B

I have tried unsuccessfully several times to make a backup copy of Battlefield 1942. I’ve reviewed all of the posts and tried several things (like the clonecd profiles using both aws on and aws off - i’ve tried clonyxxl,etc.). I have been able to create a copy of MMOHAA that works.

I’ve got Clonecd 4 and an LTR 24102B CD burner. This is the first cd I’ve been unable to copy.

Is there anyone out there who has successfully copied this cd with this model of cd burner? Any ideas?

Any input would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Yes, your 24102b will have no problems doing it “BUT” i heard there was a bug in a few recent version of clone cd that made it so that you cannot copy it, but they fixed it with tha newest verison of clone cd verison number (dec 4th 2002)

there is a link to the newest version of it which im sure you will have no problems copying it with this version.

Alas, that is the version I am using … (

maybe I should be clearer :slight_smile:

The version that I am using is, and I cannot get a usable copy using that version…

More info… my backup copy works until I apply the 1.2 patch to Battlefield. I saw another post where someone ran into the same thing. Does anyone know if there is something we can do to get around this problem?

Aha! Alcohol 120% was able to create a backup that works for both the original game and the 1.2 patch. And it did it in less than 10 minutes!

My suggestion to everyone is to download the demo at this site: