Battlefield 1942 Burn!

boys as I never do not succeed to read it with lit the 163??? I read with clone cd but after po a part with the scansion illeggibili fields and the hours put us! how never?

Hmm I don’t really understand what you’re saying since that really doesn’t look like English to me :wink: But I think you’re asking why the reading is taking hours to complete? Well the disc is protected with SafeDisc 2 so you will see a lot of errors. That’s normal and it depends on your reader how fast reading will complete. You can use the custom Profiles for SafeDisc to speed up reading or set the read retries for your drive to zero. I don’t know if you know how to do this but if not please report back. You can also use DAEMON Tools to dump the image. Read here how to do that.

Does that answer your question :confused: