Battlefield 1942 backup problems

im trying to make a working backup of my battlefield 1942 cds and its not working very well. heres what ive done so far. i created an image on my HD with blindwrite suite ver
ive read that this game uses safedisk 2.60.052 but changes to safedisk 2.80.010 with the 1.2 patch anyway i then burn the image to a cd-r with blindwrite and my plextor 24/10/40a and when i try to play the game (ive installed the game with the original cd`s) the auto run starts up as normal but when you go to hit play the game it says to insert the original cd. now the weird part… this cd works perfectly on one of my friends pc. i dont know what cd drive he is using but he doesnt need a cd crack or anything! but i cant play it on the system that made the copy! what am i doing wrong here and how do i make a backup that will work 100% of the time ?? is there a different program that would be better for backing up this particular game? can anyone help me out here? i really need some help on this one.

thanks in advance

I used clone cd, it runs in my non burning drive with the atip on.

Update your version of Blindwrite

Your burner can’t do safe disk 2.x
If I remeber correctly it was only able to do 1.6 and earlier versions way back when.
I have the same drive and I never use it for doing game backups. Only data storage.

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it must be able to do it because the one copy ive made of bf1942 works great in my friends computer but not in mine. he isnt using any cd cracks or anything. so im not sure why that works unless it has something to do with his cd-r and i cant remember for sure which one he has but ill find out and post it here

Do not use your Plexwriter to play the game with the backup, but use another ROM-drive (=nonwriter).
Should work.

Your burner is able to do the job since I made a perfect backup using a Plextor 12/10/32A using BW5.