Battlefield 1942 and the 1.45 patch



Did you guys notice that, when playing online, the buttons which are expanded when clicking “Multiplayer” still sometimes disappear when coming back to the menu?
Shouldn’t this be fixed according to the changelog? At least my Incremental installation of the patch worked without a hitch so I don’t think it’s my fault.
Just wanted to check out if i’m the only one.


They added some bugs, they always do :slight_smile:


Eh Battlefield is dying for me.

  1. The incremental patch (50MB) did not work for me, or many others from the newsgroup. So I had to download the 100MB full patch anyways.

  2. It did disable the cheats. Unfortunately mere hours later a new version was released that is even worse than the previous ones, the multicheat - reduce fog, radar hack, see enemy energy levels.

  3. It now asks for either BF CD or RtR CD depending on server/map/mod. I just have an image of RtR on the HD and shouldn’t have to put an image of BF on there too. The perfect reason for people to get cd cracks. I shouldn’t need 1200MB of space on my HD for CD images when all the maps and textures are already in the game directory.

  4. Public servers are in worse shape than ever - TKers and idiots in general run rampant. I find myself only playing on the AGB clan servers (passworded) and whitefalcons clan server (usually good admins).


yet another reason counterstrike rules