Battle to the Death: Kipper Vs the Kitty

Which will triumph:

On the Left … we have the kipper.

And on the right … we have these eager fellows: (One berserker, One kitted out in battle gear and … well , another berserker which has just learnt a terrible lesson about alternate universes).

So who will win? The kitties or the Kippers?
The loser gets marinated in Grappa and becomes the main course.

Errrm. I thought you were anti-kitty/grappa/kipper. :confused:

Nice one including a pic of The Cat, though. :wink:

That one is easy: Kitty wins hands down no contest!

If you don’t believe me, try the googlefight and see it with your own eyes! :wink:

Yep, cats win. Kippers don’t purr.

how about they both lose!

Gah! A vampire! Oh it was just Cat…

Kitties. Seen plenty of cats who have wielded kippers, I haven’t seen it the other way around. Just ask Arachne. :wink:



Kitties + ‘grappa’ = Kipper win

Kippers + ‘grappa’ = Kitty win

Geno + ‘grappa’ = Kitty and Kipper win

('cause ya’ll know that Geno ain’t [I]never[/I] gonna get no pussy with or without ‘grappa’)


In a straight out fight between a kitty and a kipper, the cat wins every time. Have you ever seen them fight???
Evil psychotic killers, the lot of them!!

In comparison, the kipper fights like a bit of a pussy… (ok, that was a bad joke :rolleyes: )

Cat contemplates kippers :eek:

Kipper turns tables and launches vicious counterstrike :eek: :eek: :eek:

Or you could leave it up to the mischevious jesterdevil to do some genetic splicing and get the best of both worlds. Just ask Arachne if this looks familiar:

Finally, White Shark XXIII has arrived. lol

Kat v Kat (karate option)

@ deanimator - LOL!! :clap: You are spending too much time photoshopping for this thread I think…

Carry on!


Love the little red tongue hahaha :bigsmile:

Ahhh…I just noticed I forgot to disappear the cork in the grappa bottle.

Tongue is courtesy of the old wrinkled prune himself…the dude with a face like a dozen cameltoes…the Stone…y´know?