Battle of the videocards

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[B]Not even close. Even the regular 9600 will beat out the FX5200 Ultra.

Go check some of the benchmarks here to see for yourself. [/B]

well i went through the website u posted above . all the time , all the test hardware websites always review hard ware like graphics card , hard disk etc with fastest test bench in the world which is not revelant to my computer .

you can easily find the fastest frame rate in unreal 2k3 with 1 gig ram and max. processor power , but it is not so if i install the graphics card and play it in max. settings in my friends computer which has only 2.4 pentium-IV with 256mb ram .

You hit the nail on the head.
Benchmarks,stretchmarks, remarks,postmarks…who cares!!!
Voodoo Rules 4EVER.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

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Yep overclocking a Voodoo 3 from 2000 to 3000+ was quite nice :slight_smile:

Which program did you use to do that ?

I’m building an old computer with a Voodoo II 12mb:D

looks at ASUS 9800 XT VIVO


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Which program did you use to do that ?

Pfft… good one… If I remember correctly, I used Powerstrip at first to try it and flashed the BIOS afterwards (flashed a 3000 BIOS in a 2000 card). And I added a tiny fan to the heatsink on the card.