Battle of the Sexes!

And the award for the most Sexist Poll Ever goes too…

Men are:

  1. Strong
  2. Logical
  3. Focused
  4. the best chefs in the world!
  5. Impregnable!

Sex? Yes please.

Looks like I just proofed point 3 wrong.

  1. Don’t waste 98% of their precious time when shopping
  2. Say what they think. Women never ever do
  3. Technological advanced
  4. Don’t need msn to be online
  5. Appreciate porn
  6. Are born leaders
  7. Superiour when parking a car


Women are:

  1. The most beautiful creatures on earth
  2. They can iron , wash , clean and cook (and sometimes at the same time!)
  3. Know how to spent money correctly (except when it comes to clothing , perfume and knick-knacks)

Actually, you just proved point 3 right.

You’re just focused on sex, drugs and alcohol :wink:

Wake up guys…

Women outnumber us. Soon for one man on earth, there will be 2 women.

Wait, suddenly, that doesn’t sounds so bad! Sex will be no problem any more.

w00t! :slight_smile:

Btw, women are EVIL. Never forget that.

What I thought nature was set up to always make sure there were more men than women…

The opossite. Always more female than male, to keep the species going.

don’t forget that a planet of women is possible (with cloning they can have new generations), while a planet of men will be empty after 1 generation…

So true. Well, at least for me. 3 seconds flat baby!

Oh Nooo, All that macho talking…

For a second there, I thought you were talking about how long it takes you to hit orgasm. :bigsmile:

LOL :wink:

These comments are strictly based on my relationship; nobody else should feel stung by my observations. :Z :bigsmile:

@ Debro

  1. Strong:
    yeah, I’m a bit stronger physically but she’s actually very, very strong. When it comes to mental powers, I must say that I’m quite happy to be pig-headed, otherwise I would lose every battle.

  2. Logical:
    I lose, she beat me every time. :o

  3. Focused:
    I Lose. Except when it comes to beat some absurd copy protection.

  4. The best chefs in the world!

  5. Impregnabl
    Hell, science makes wonders every day. Who knows? :frowning:

@ B

  1. Don’t waste 98% of their precious time when shopping:
    You’re Absolutely right. :bow:

  2. Say what they think. Women never ever do:
    Don’t mess with her, or you’ll get a straight answer. She might even kick your ass.

  3. Technological advanced:
    I win, except from with mobile phones.

  4. Don’t need msn to be online:
    you’re right

  5. Appreciate porn:
    Naaa, with age I actually don’t like to watch those kids getting humiliated.

  6. Are born leaders:
    Totally wrong. She rules with a rough hand:

  7. Superiour when parking a car:
    Hell, she wins. I Dislike cars! And she’s always driving the goddamn vehicle anyway.


Women are:

  1. The most beautiful creatures on earth:
    Correct. :bow:

  2. They can iron, wash, clean and cook (and sometimes at the same time!)
    Yes, if she wants to. :cool:

  3. Know how to spent money correctly (except when it comes to clothing , perfume and knick-knacks)
    Naaah, she’s a bit to impulsive.

Nah, men will never win from women, all they have to do is flash us, and we’ll be completly distracted. We’ll lose the power of logical thinking and so forth.

Ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhttt, don’t bring them on any idea’s!! :wink:

Proving that it’s perfectly natural to enjoy 2 women kissing, fondling, etc… :stuck_out_tongue:

…And now… Girls jumping on Trampolines!!! :wink:


Hmmm, does that mean what I think it means.

I do believe that god gave up the earth to the devil for 2000 years, give or take a millenium of so :wink:
When the common man calls out for peace and for divine interception, when the institutions attack gods people, god will intervene, and it will be judgement day.

Well, pretty much, since women are evil, and they outnumber men 2:1, judgement day is upon us!

It’s time for a new poll! “Why women should rule the world!”!
Come forth! Stand tall and be proud and be judged!!!

“oow, nice asss… heheh” …“I like his hair”…“What’s with that shirt?”…“Oh god! Green AND blue! C’mon!What planet is he from?”…

Bah now you degraded yourself, Beerdog doesnt know how to handle a car :stuck_out_tongue:
Many women tends to have a bad self-esteem when it comes to cars and I guess thats the reason many drive as they do. Of course there may be exceptions, such as your wife (I think it was wife, since you’re so old, correct me if I’m wrong ;)).
But I still stand firmly for the opinion that men drive better. Except really old men like those with a license from 1912.

That’s correct!! However, I was one hell of a guy on a motorbike in my younger days. Didn’t even had a drivers licence for it. Stupid, stupid me. :o :bigsmile:

I general I think you’re right, but young men seem to cause a lot of accidents :sad: , while trying to act cool. They appear to have a little to high opinion about their driving skills.

My ‘wife’ and me are actually not married, but I call her my wife anyway. Been together for 15 years or so. :bigsmile:

Aint it time for refreshment then! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: