Battle Front Help



lolll plz excuse me if im posting this the wrong way, I read the rules and everything and I thought this would be the best place to post my question.

Has anyone made a working back-up copy of Battle Front? I have read in the “Copy Protection List” forum that the “Australian version is SecuROM”.

I bought a copy of this game yesterday, however I dont want to use the original cd because in the past my cd’s have cracked in the centre plastic part of the disk. My never winter disk is now not usable. If anyone also knows how it broke in the cd drive, I would love to know.

Thanks in advance.


hmmm… what burner do you have? do you own a plextor premuim? or do you own clonecd? if so i suggest you use clonecd and twinpeak along with a bwa file.

ben :slight_smile:


I have a LiteON 52x32x52x, If I need to purchase clone cd to make a back up copy I will. I just need some Help thats all


If you like, you can have a read of my backup guides. The link is in my signature.

Good Luck!


Or just have a look at this thread :slight_smile: .