Battle for Terra

I backed up this Blu-ray with the latest DVDFab 6205 and it burned real nice with ImgBurn. It plays good in Windows Media Player, but it hangs when I play it on my Panasonic BMP-BD60. If just says Play and it keeps Loading, but not video comes up. Has anyone had a good copy with this BD Movie? :confused:

Well no one is helping out here, so I tried one more time to Back-up Battle for Terra with DVDFab, and got the same results. It does not play on my Panasonic BD60, it displays Play and 0000 and stays there with Reading Message over and over. Let’s hear from someone.

Hi alchav21,
have you tried updating the firm ware on your panny.
it sounds like you got a good burn if plays back on your pc, so it’s an issue with your stand alone.

Hi alchav21

Sorry didn’t see where you gave the brand of blank media you used, it could be that your Panasonic don’t like the media…
I have a few Panasonic’s that are very picky :frowning:

I use Verbatim BD-R 25, I think they are the best. You guys are correct for blaming the Panasonic BD60, but I did upgrade the Firmware to the latest 2.2. I thought that would do it, but it’s still a no go. Before the BD60 I had a Panasonic BD35, and thought I had a lot of Coasters trying to Back-up “TransSiberian,” but it turned out to be a defective Blu-ray Player. I shipped the defective BD35 back to Panasonic to have it repaired, and bought a BD60 to replace it. Well all those Coasters turned out to be good. So now I think I have two Back-ups of this “Battle for Terra,” that are probably good.

Just for grins try some compressed air over the lens in your Panasonic, see if that helps any.

No it’s more than a dusty or dirty lens, my BD60 plays every other Blu-ray, even my Back-ups of “G.I. Joe and Star Trek” on BD-R DL. It plays them beautifully with no problems.

Well I guess it’s time to change your player, I have two Sony’s never had any issues with them if that helps.

Did you Back-up “Battle for Terra,” and does it play for you?

I haven’t backed this up alchav21,because i don’t have it, so I cannot comment on it, sorry.