Battle for Middle Earth Problem

Okay I have tried to back up Battle for Middle Earth several times but to no avail.

Here is what I have tried LiteOn 451 with Alcohol 120 and Safe Disc 2/3 Profile. The image was created at 8X and burned at 16X it will attempt to load in the LiteOn 451S but will error out after a minute with game.dat file giving an error.

I have also tried a LiteOn 48161H CDRW/DVD Combo with Alcohol 120 and the Safedisc Profile. I created the image at 16X and attempted to burn the game at 16X as well and the same thing happens the game will attempt to load and error out after a minute or so, generating a game.dat error.

Both time I have tried this I have hide the Ignore media checked in alcohol, so that I could bypass the atip check as a possible source of the problem.

Any help with backing this game up would greatley be appreciated. I ran Array Scanner and it said the protection was Safedisc 2/3.

Thanks all in advance.

Probably your hardware won’t be able creating a ‘1:1’ copy. I would suggest using your dumped image in a vdrive. Another solution would be using CloneCD 5100 with Protected PC Game profile for reading and writing and enable Hide CDR Media. I’ll be an emulated copy but at least your orginal can stay in the box.

hi i had the same problem with the original

this is what i did, using Alcohol 120% i read the image from the 1st disk and then mounted it ion daemon tools and it works fine