Battle for Middle-Earth (DVD)



Has anyone been able to make a back up copy successfully? I tried with CloneCD v5045 and while the game will insall it will not play.

If i use “Hide CDR Media” it detects emulation and it won’t play.

If I don’t use “Hide CDR Media” it says to insert correct disk.

Finally, I tired enabling all the options on Dameon Tools v3.47 and still can not get it to work.

When I used “A-Ray Scanner” it detected SafeDisc 2/3. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!!

Forgot to add that I am using a Plextor (PX-708A) with firmware 1.08


it has safedisc 3.20.022 its currently blacklisted make image with alcohol then mount it with daemon tools it works fine


So, does this mean it cannot be backed up by CloneCD?