Battle Field 2 Bug

Well my problem is with the Cd key on BF2. So one day i log into my acount on battlefield 2 and I wanted to play in Singleplayer mode. So I start a game and it sais its loading. Suddenly I get a message saying “Cd key invalid” so i go on and uninstalll the game and install it back again (wich you dont want to do!) :doh:. So now i was in the procces of installing it and I get to the screen where it says “Enter your Cd key found on the back of your CD case” so i do that and it says its wrong! Now It’s already uninstalled and I cant do anything now. Any Possible ways i could get my game back without calling EA games?

If you have a legitimate copy of the game, I can’t see why you don’t want call EA Games. Actually, they are obliged to fix the problem because you bought the game.

Maybe your serial number was blacklisted for some reason, and to get another valid serial you need to call them and explain what happened.