Batmman wii hack please help



I am having a major proble i have version 4.3e and have tried the letter bomb and the batman hack to no avil.

I get to the page about the softwarte must not be sold and when press 1 coe up my screen crashes and i unable to compeleted download

Can anyone advise thanks in advance


[QUOTE=carol77;2612798]when press 1 coe up my screen crashes and i unable to compeleted download[/quote] So you got the message with the “this software may not be sold bla bla… press 1 to continue”. After that you should see a text mode screen where you can install bootmii and the homebrew channel.

What does the crash look like?


the screen just freezers the software message i press 1 and nothing happens i have then to reset wii


Did you choose the correct region hack? Do you have a Wii from Europe, Japan, United States or North Korea?

LEGO Batman for Wii 4.3/E/J/U

Power on your Wii WITHOUT the SD card inside.
Play LEGO Batman to create save data.
Go into Wii Options.
Select Data Management.
Select Save Data.
Select Wii.
Remove the LEGO Batman savegame.

Select SD Card at the top right.
Insert the SD card.
Select the “Bathaxx” save for your region.
Copy the save to the Wii.
Exit Data Management.
Boot LEGO Batman.
Load the saved game you just copied to the Wii.
You are now in the batcave, take the elevator on the right side. Then in the trophy room, go to the upper corner and go through the door in order to enter the “Wayne Manor”. Now you can select a character. Choose the last enabled one in the lowest row.

HackMii Installer is launched, go to Step 2 - Install Homebrew Channel.




yes i am using the right region and i have someone helping me we working through a lot of different ways and still unable to install homebrew


I don’t know anymore. Perhaps your 4.3E is too much patched to leave any security holes behind. Maybe try Indiana Pwns or another method or another sd card.


thanks for help i have tried other sd card and cant afford to buy another game fingers crossed we get it running.


[QUOTE=Alenflores9;2617813]Thanks for help,I also have tried other sd card[/QUOTE] Did not work?