Batchfile to update Pioneer DVR-107, A07, 107D, A07D Firmware and/or Kernel


I just created a batchfile that you can run to update the firmware and/or kernel files of your Pioneer DVR-107, A07, 107D, A07D.

It assumes that you have in the same directory as the batchfile, these files:

  1. Pioneer kernel file
  2. >NIL’s patched firmware
  3. >NIL’s patched firmware readme.txt
  4. DVRFlash.exe

Even though I’ve included a provision to update the KERNEL file, this part can be skipped by pressing S. The kernel will only need to be updated if Pioneer release an updated version of the KERNEL.

This batchfile can be used with any of the Pioneer firmware and/or kernel files as long as Pioneer don’t change to R7100007 or the R7100107 filename. If they do, the file can be easily edited.

During the batchfile, if you get confused or unsure of where you are or what you have selected, I have included some a few QUIT/EXIT places and even if you’ve got all the way to the DVRFlash window, you still have an EXIT by pressing N.

I hope this helps some that get confused when using DVRFlash.

I have provided this file in good faith, I have tested it and it works 100% for me. Flashing firmware with any device does carry some risk. You carry that RISK, not me.

Cheerz :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley:


No replies yet, hope we’re not wasting our time.

The batchfile was effective but archaic, but it was effective.

With a good friend of mine ~McoreD~ , a programmer :bow: :bow: :iagree: :smiley: :smiley: , and comments/thoughts by me :eek: , a working DVRFlasherGUI Preview has been finished, but not ready for release yet. :rolleyes: , still a few minor bugs.

It acts as a FrontEnd GUI for DVRFlash, the fantastic Pioneer flashing tool created by Agent Smith and used alot with patched firmware by >NIL:.

Cheerz :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: