Batch processing .wavs from HD to mp3 to store back on HD. with eac or dbpwr amp-?



I’ve got a couple of hundred .wavs on separate files I would like to transfer to mp3 preferably with exact audio copy/lame if there is some way 1) to load a list of all the wav files at once from the HD instead of from a ‘cd in the drive’ (haven’t been able to figure this out yet) and 2) normalize the volume so each individual song is approximately the same relative level in volume. if I can’t get this accomplished with eac/lame is there a way to batch process from the hd with the dbpoweramp/with the lame encoder installed? I’ve figured out how to normalize the volume with the dsp, but I can’t figure out how to load more than one song (1 wav file) at a time into the dbpower amp so I can just leave the computer alone and let it run. also in the dbpower amp I have quality–normal, variable bitrate checked (the quality l/r level bar seems to be about midway-?), disable bit reservoir–unchecked, set bits—original, write crc checksums–unchecked, the minimum bitrate is 96k and the max bit rate is 256k, channels set to stereo and 44.1 k is the frequency. powerpack dsp is set to normalize volume. (is there anything else that should be checked under dsp?)… thx


EAC- Tools - Compress WAVs -choose multiple files ( Strg, shift ). Files Must be in same directory.