Batch Mode




why is there no possibility (like TMPEG) to add a convert-job to a list. dvd2one could convert many dvds on my harddrive over night. hope that this feature will be added in future versions.



This would really be a good thing. But they don’t want to implement it.



That’s too bad… I was going to start a thread reuqesting this feature (but as usual I did a search first and found this one). It’s not uncommon for me to rip three or four DVDs to my HD at a time, so a batch mode would be useful to me. Alas, if they don’t want to make one, I can live without it. Not really a big deal.



If y’all are still interested, I wrote a program that can batch up to 200 movies through dvd2one 1.40(with out copytodvd installed) Though I wouldn’t recomend doing more than 10, I’ll describe some of its features: It supports full disk and movie only transcoding, has a save diskspace feature(after a movie is transcoded, its source directory is deleted, and then the next movie begins transcoding) it can shutdown the computer after all the transcoding is completed, it has basic file checking(if your source folder doesn’t exist the program will warn you, however the program cannot yet determine if the source folder has dvd files(future update) for the output directory, if it doesn’t exist, then the folder can be created…uh…what else, oh yeah, I have no way to send this program other than by email, so if you want it, email me and ill send it in a zip file along with the source code. Its totally freeware(which means that I didn’t have much time to develope it) right now I know that it works with dvd2one 1.40 without copytodvd(since I don’t have that program I don’t know how dvd2one responds in its presence, again, future update) I tested it on xp pro sp1a, i would think it should also work on 2k and 2k3, but I don’t know, please send me feedback


Hi msb5150,

I’m very interested. I sent you a direct message; but, I’m leaving one here too, just in case you see it here first.

I’ll be happy to test it on other platforms, and who knows, I might even help you refine it a bit… I’m a professional VB programmer, though I know several other languages as well. I was thinking about doing something like this, and I’m very anxious to see how you’ve implemented it.

Hope to hear from you soon!