Batch conversion of AVI's to DVD


I’m looking for a tool/method for converting full-length AVI’s to DVD for burning to DVD+R media.

There are several tools (ie… Nero or DivxToDvd) out there that allow me to convert AVI while combining them for burning on a single DVD (ie… single sub-directory tree) but I’m looking for something that will let me set up a batch job to run off-hours and convert individual AVI’s, creating a seperate sub-dir structure for each.

Does anyone have a solution for this scenario? Are there any tools with a command-line interface which can be scripted?

I’m a rookie at video conversion so any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Avi2dvd has a batch mode and its free. The downside is depending on which encoder you choose it can be very slow, but the quality is good. There have been some bugs that put me off but the last version i used was 0.3.5 and now its up to 0.3.7 and hopefully they’ve been fixed.

If you are willing to pay for it Main Concept MPEG Encoder and TMPGEnc both allow batch encoding. If you google for Mainconcept there is a downloadable manual in PDF that you can read first to see if you understand it. I use both MC is quite fast and my system is not exactly new (Athlon XP 2000+ processor) it can do in a few hours what TMPGEnc can take all night to do, but TM sometimes works on files which go out of sync when using MC so I use both.

Also you can have a try on WinAVI Video Converter. It can support batch convert mode. And it is very fast.

Excellent thread. I wanted to ask the exact same question as the OP. I will be trying the suggestions.

However my needs are slightly different. I want to convert batches of three AVIs to DVDs. As an example: I download 9 AVIs from the net. I want to convert these to 3 DVD(5)s - AVIs 1 to 3 to one DVD, 4 to 6 to the next, 7 to 9 to the next. I need a program to batch convert these so that I can leave them running overnight.

The suggestions above seem to be able to batch process jobs, but only convert one AVI file to a DVD - perhaps presuming that it’s a single movie AVI file. I want to create a movie from 3 AVIs, so that the DVD will have three titles. I don’t necessarily need a DVD menu though.

Any suggestions?

WinAVI seems to do what I am wanting. Am batch converting a couple of DVD’s worth of material now. Hope the quality is good!