Batch burning with Nero?

Does anyone know if Nero has the option or capability to do this:

Say for instance I have over 20+GB of data. I can only burn 4.7GB to one disk. I can drag and drop 4.7GB worth of files and select burn, then delete whatever files I choose to burn out of the Nero list and then put in the next 4.7 up until I reach my 20GB of burnt data.

Does Nero have the option to kinda batch the job so instead of waiting until the disk is done and then deleting the files I burnt and then putting in the new files I want and hitting burn, I can just select up to 4.7GB and then create a new list and then when the first one is done, all Nero does is ask for a new disk and then once it hits 20GB of data burnt, it stops.


Nero cannot do what you want.