Basic questions

hi this is my first thread i’m new here i’m also new at burning stuff
so 've got some basic questions:

  1. how do i,d what kind of block the cd i’m burning have?

2)i’ve downloaded clonecd when i use it to burn a blocked cd
does it take longer?

  1. although it’s old ( i got fif 2002) i would like to know how to burn fifa 2001

thank you for your time

whats your cd burner

By ‘blocked’ CD you mean copy-protected ? Well you can be sure all new released games will be protected. The most common new protection out there is SafeDisc 2. For more info on this protection read:

SafeDisc 2 explained and defeated.

If you want to know what protection was used on your disc I would suggest using a copy-protection scanner like ClonyXL (for downloads check This program will scan the disc and tell you what protection was used. It will even pass the correct settings to CloneCD for you.

The games you mention have the SafeDisc (FIFA 2001) and the SafeDisc 2 (FIFA 2002) protection I believe. The normal SafeDisc protection can be copied by CloneCD by enabling the Fast Error Skip setting. The SafeDisc 2 protection uses the same setting but you need a compatible writer to do the job. Read the first article I mentioned and this one for more info on the new CloneCD options.

thanks alout i’ll try to burn it and tell you later

by the way i got RIC0H X 20

The RICOH writers do not support ‘Correct EFM Encoding’ which is needed for SafeDisc 2. Copy’s made with this writer will mostly only work in the recorder. But the new CloneCD ‘Amplify Weak Sectors’ option might work for this drive. When you’re copying SafeDisc 2 (FIFA2002) use these settings:


[ul][li]Fast Error Skip ON (on the default settings)[/ul]WRITE
[/li][ul][*]Amplify Weak Sectors[/ul]Goodluck!