Basic Question: Compare DVDFab Tools?

I don’t understand the basic difference between all of the various apps at

I have extensive experience with DVD Shrink, DVD Decrypter and AnyDVD so I understand what these apps do. I burn with Roxio so I don’t need any of these tools for burning. I also understand the need for a newer tool to handle Sony encryption, etc.

So, in evaluating the DVDIdle apps I clicked on the comparison link but the comparison page for DVDFab Express, Gold and Platinum is totally empty and I can’t tell why I’d want one over the other and why Express and Gold are priced the same.

Also, if the freeware DVDFab Decrypter rips and decrypts why would I ever need (and pay for) any of the other tools?

And what the heck is with that DVD Free app?

I don’t get it.

Lots of questions…anyway here’s my 2 cents. I own platinum (comprised both of express and gold) and I own it cuz it’s incredibly convenient and will pretty much do everything. For eg., with express, I load both discs in my system, open the app and literally click once…it really is like ron (ronco) popeil, “…set it and forget it…” For me, the only shortcoming so far, is the annoying layer break when burning DLs. For the past few months, I’ve been using AnyDVD and dvd decrypter and sometimes Img to burn DLs…flawless bkups btw. Fengtao however, has released a beta with improvements to the LB ( I plan on trying it out tonight or tomorrow) and promises significant new features and improvements overall with a new platinum release. You can’t beat Slysoft for prompt updates but there’s really no lag with Fengtao. Personally, I prefer more than one tool in my toolbox anyway.

The links are working ok for me:

Basically, express will always compress - assuming the file exceeds a SL disc and you haven’t enabled DL burning.
Gold will never compress and if the file exceeds a SL disc, it will split to 2 discs or to a DL if this feature is enabled. (click more info both for express and gold).

Your best bet is to just download the 30 day free trial for platinum and fool around with it.

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I used to use a process that was similar to the one that you use to rip and burn DVD’s (using DVD Decrypter or DVDFab Decrypter & Recode2 or DVD Shrink) and couldn’t really see the point of DVDFab Platinum that was until I started using it (and I have only just started using it).

I literally load the movie I want to copy into my DVD Rom drive and the Blank DVD into my burner drive hit one button and walk away 15 to 20 min latter the DVD is done and it doesn’t matter what DVD you throw at it the program seems to handle it.

As to DVDFab Decrypter it will only rip the whole move to the HD.

DVD Region+CSS Free is just like AnyDVD I believe.

Take Tom’s advice download it and try I did and it works for me

My 2 cents worth good product it would seem

Thanks guys.
Excellent info.