Basic question about firmware flash on 4163b



Hi all,
i just have a basic question about flashing the firmware on my gsa 4163b. It now has a101 and i would like to up that to a104. My question is this: The LG flash program states that your drive should be set as master on the secondary ide channel with no slave present and jumper set to master. Well i had problems getting my system to recognize the drive with these settings so i have it installed as primary slave with jumper set to CS and a liteOn ltr 48125w as master with jumper as master. The flash program sees my drive right away so im assuming im ok to flash, but i wanted to check with you guys first. Should i be ok leaving the drive with these settings. Thanks,


Hi :wink:
I’ve got two LG 4163b’s and at sometime or another had 1 as master the other as slave on both primary & secondary
Flashed from 101>102>103>104 at different times over the last couple of months Had no problems what so ever


Some people have reported problems with anything other than the factory approved configuration. Others have had no problem with a variety of hardware setups. No one, as yet, has reported any damage when there was a problem. I would go ahead and try it your way. Worst case scenario seems to be that you may have to set your system up in a temp. state to flash and then go back to what works.


Best to have only one ODD when flashing but I often have 10 to 20 ODDs at once, flashing or writing. :bigsmile:


I really wouldn’t have that jumper setup you are using, one CS and the other manually set. I usually just set both to CS and use a good ide cable. Remember that the drive plugged in to the connector on the end is the master and the middle is the slave. Be sure your bios is setup to enable both master and slave on that port.