Basic Instinct2 DVD Player unable to see disc

Hi i have a rental disc of this film and my drive in the pc tells me no disc in drive allso power dvd allso does not recognise the disc when i click play (says no disc in drive).
I have clonedvd2 latest version Any DVD this allso tells me no disc in drive. The same applys to DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink all say no disc in the drive.
The Drive is a Teach DVD+RW DV-W58E all other disc’s i put in the drive work fine even disc’s that have been backed up it just seems to be this disc, just wandering if anyone else had been haveing trouble with this dvd. Any thought’s on this???
Windows XP Home
Pentium 4, 3.00
Teach DVD+RW DV-W58E
Service Pack 2
NVIDEA GeForce FX5200
1gig Ram

Rental! DUCK NOW

“Basic Instinct2 DVD Player unable to see disc”

1st, that’s probably a good thing as the movie tanked big time. Your drive is trying to save you from wasting 2 hours of your life.

2nd, you stated its a rental disc, that would imply a violation of copyright law and therefore no one here can help you. Please read the forum rules and pay close attention to the ones concerning copyright issues.

Thanks for your input goober22 but if you had read my post more carefully i was asking if anyone was haveing the same trouble as myself trying to watch the dvd, i dont recall saying anything about copying it!! I use Any DVD + Clone DVD2 for backing up rather than as you have mentioned (that would imply a violation of copyright law ). My wife is a nurse and works odd shifts so i freqently watch dvd’s on my pc if she is sleeping dureing the day as the pc is at the back of the house. Thanks for your time anyway.

you posted this in the clonedvd2 forum. is there an issue with clonedvd and this disc or is it just that it won’t read at all? I think that’s why people jumpe dto conclusions off the bat because the placement of this thread implies that you had trouble copying it with clonedvd2.

anyway, that aside,

does it play fine in your standalone dvd player? do you have another computer drive you can try it in?

i assume it’s a TEAC drive (and not teach) correct? do you have the latest firmware?

It is with the disc yes the firmware is upto date with my teac drive (sorry about the spelling) and it does play fine in a standalone dvd player and i have not tried it in another pc will do that
Thanks and apoligies if posted in the wrong forum.

It’s not that you put it in the wrong forum as such; its that you posted that you ran copy protection removal and copying tools against a RENTAL DISC (CloneDVD, AnyDVD, DVDdecrypter & DVDshrink).

I stand by my statement that that implies a possible violation of copywrite, which is against forum rules. Sorry but I don’t see where we (cdfreaks) can assist you as this violates forum rules.

Sounds like a bad disk, did you try it in your standalone player?