Basic instinct 2

when AnyDVD version examined this disc under the heading “Video DVD(orCD)label:ROOT” was seen (not the movie title after the colon which i typically notice). As this is a SONY pictures DVD the first thought that i had was ‘rootkit’!! anyone got any ideas/info??

Same here and I had the same thoughts, I do not think there is anyway to check though.

Try to use this free tool to reveal the presence of rootkits on your computer

Its not a rootkit
It is just to freak out backuppers
Also Sony has been burned bad last time it did this
it will not try again for long time :wink:

They named the dvd directory or label “root” which is a weird sence of humor I guess. You can change that with clonedvd if you would like to. Its not a problem at all.

re : root
the average viewer would never know

anybody have problems with this title???
That Ms stone is one sick puppy

can you share with me how to change the root directory with clonedvd?

what are you trying to change the root directory of and why are you trying to change it?

/me is confused.

I was told that if you used AnyDVD Sony Rootkit would never be able to get into your computer in the first place, so it really didn’t bother me. Thanks for the tool though.

When you get to the screen of clonedvd where it says volume label you can change that to any name you like. When this dvd when it was made they labeled the directory of the dvd with ROOT. It really doesn’t matter what label it has. Good luck. If you already have it on your hard drive and use nero or clone dvd and you can change the name if you would like to.


oh he was talking about volume label, not root directory? I need to brush up on my mind reading skills i think! :wink:

haha either way, i hope that’s the answer he was looking for. good luck!

Hangover from last night? :wink:

nah, i’m just tired. next time don’t keep me up so late :wink:

I guess after the initial scare
all backed up well