Basic Information

Well I have been trying to backup some of my DVD’s to DVD +R, I in the past have used both DVDshrink and DVDecryptor, I have also Used Nero. Now I can not get anything to work so I’m ready to start at square 1. So what is the easiest way to backup my DVD’s, without having to buy new hardware or spending alot of money on software? I have a liteon DVDRW burner that in the past has served me well. I now can burn movies and play them on my computer but my DVD standalone player does not recognize the disk. I use to have a small program that let me set things to booktype and it worked fine. Now I’m unable to get anything to work and this is really starting to P me off.
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Most of times the cuplrit is not the software, but the media.

If you use low quality discs, there is a high probability that the standalone player will refuse to recognize the disc.

There is also the possibility that your standalone is locked, i.e. is programmed to purposely refuse burned media and accept only pressed discs.

If also changing the booktype is not working, however, the most probable cause is a low quality disc.

What discs are you using (brand and mediacode)? What burner do you have exactly and which firmware is installed? At what speed did you burn these discs?

Mediacode, burner model and firmware can be retrieved using cd-dvd speed (see the picture as example).