Basic Functions and How to use DVD neXt COPY

Here are the screen shots of how to use this software. The thumbnails are clickable to see it full sized.


great now show me how the change the setting so I can use it with anyDVD.

Click on new and in that widow that pops up make sure to select [B]software compatibility mode[/B] and [U]ignore the warning[/U]. It’s a bit different look now as this was from the initial release of version 2.

Thanks I did not notice that box.

Yea I might ask them to put an anydvd icon there so it is more clearly seen. :smiley: I am just used to it. You can also create a profile for yourself and anyone else in your house hold and those settings stay as the program remembers them if you do that then you just tick [B]use profile[/B].

My screen does not look like yours :confused: :confused:

Yes my screen shots were a final beta and the first release of version 2 but nothing really change but the NEW pic on the software. I may update that so users aren’t looking for the red graphic and the word new.

Second problem: If the user does not check the Activate software compatability mode and is using anyDVD the box pops up " SVDneXtCOPY detected AnyDVD as active… need to enable the software compatability mode in the setting. Click the Settings tab at the screen top and no option about compatability can be found :rolleyes:
I am do have experence with other programs and I had to search for an answer. Testers should let someone try it with no instructions a see what they do.
Try it yourself and see if you don’t try the SETTINGS tab rather than go back one screen to NEW and look for a box. Also the Guided Tours don’t talk about anyDVD (why not?)

I see, I can ask if that can be changed at least on the GUI.

Cannot uninstall DVD NeXT Copy Virtual Drive. All services stopped in task manager. Uninstall from: Start, All Programs and Control Panel, Add Remove Programs freeze. Rt click, Delete on Program Files folder also does not work. It is not listed in registry. I used third party software to remove and only some components were removed. I now need to uninstall and reinstall. Is there a link to (a) step by step manual uninstall (b) tutorial as to how it works once installed. After install the desktop icon would not open when clicked/double clicked which is what prompted the attempt to uninstall thinking it was not installed properly. Your help is appreciated.

OK let’s start from the beginning.

What OS are you using?

If Vista what platform the 32 or the 64 bit?

I would like to know is InCD or Drag to Disc from Roxio is installed.

I have the latest version of dvdnextcopy I don’t see a software compatibility box, but my problem is that certain dvd’s cause the program to crash. I get a windows message dvdnextcopy main client has encountered a problem and must close. I’m running windows xp and it is updated. the folks @ dvdnextcopy suggested I find and run machinist2.dll and dvd43, which I have done. I see the warner bros. and disclaimers in the preview window…than crash…this only happens on 2 dvd’s…thoughts? I saw something about another 3rd party add on called sly ‘something’. I own these dvd’s so there is nothing illegal about my attempting to make backup copies…thanks for your input!

Hi sarasota43, Sorry but I attend college and just got home. So it is installed currently correct? If so I recommend to not use DVD43 and I told the company that there is more harm than good in doing what they did. The machinist is fine and dandy and works well. What are the titles in question? The Sly something is AnyDVD from slysoft it was hard work but I finally made them make it compatible with DNC. Also did you do an upgrade from a previous version? If so you might want to do a clean install. Don’t worry I’ll post that here for you as well. Also is the dvd(s) scratched have you at least tried cleaning them to ensure a good clean surface?

[B][I][U]This will assist you on main client errors if you do this verbatim.[/U][/I][/B]

[B][U]Write down your Key to unlock the software.[/U][/B]

You need to completely remove all versions from your computer.

[B]1.[/B] Go to your Start / Programs menu and uninstall all versions of DVD neXt COPY.

[B]2.[/B] Restart your computer.

[B]3.[/B] Click on Start / Search for files and folders.

[B]4.[/B] Click on all files and folders; enter dvdnextcopy with no spaces and click Search and make sure your search includes hidden folders and there will be two exe.files found please make sure to delete these also.

[B]5.[/B] Delete all dvdnextcopy files and folders that are found in the search and restart your computer.

Download and install ccleaner and or advance windows care personal they are both free.

Advanced WindowsCare Personal - Download

Download CCleaner - Download

[B]6.[/B] Do step 5 again to make sure you get rid of all the dvdnextcopy files and folders.

[B]7.[/B] Go to the DVD neXt COPY support page or come here and re-download the latest version to your hard drive with all firewalls and antivirus turned off.

[B][U](Make sure you select save instead of run and save the file to your hard drive. Then install it from your hard drive).[/U][/B]

[B]8.[/B] After installation, restart your computer and run the software.

You will be asked to re-enter your serial number again. So be sure to write it down.

Also if I remember right the advance windows care personal and ccleaner are blind downloads meaning that when you click it…it will ask you to run or save it in IE6 or 7 and save it if you use firefox.

Keep me informed.