Basic DVD rom?

Hi guys, im in the market to buy THE MOST BASIC dvd capable reading rom. Its for my little niece and all it needs to do is be able to read the cartoon show data i burn onto my DVD+r discs. Money saving is key here rather than performance. any suggestions would be very helpul. thanks

Lite-on dvds are very cheap and, as an added bonus, they’re also very good. :smiley:

Toshiba is very good as well… they are priced about the same (last time I checked, the Tosh was even a little cheaper).

I think you can’t go wrong with either one of them…

i saw both the liteons and the tosh drives one but when i read the specs, they said dvd-r…does that mean it wont read dvd+r?

Liteon, in case you need to go RPC1 in the future. Btw, usually DVD ROM drives are advertised with only DVD R- support. But my Samsung 348B Combo can read both plus and minus. AFAIK, so can pioneer drvies. Better to check with the vendor before purchasing.

Good luck.

cool thnx