Basic dvd ripping



I have limited experience ripping dvds and have used imtoo dvd ripper and dvd decryptor to a reasonable level of success.

When using imtoo it has ripped a few dvd fine but after a going successfully on a few dvd i keep getting the “failed” message, i thinks it to do with the “copyright”

I succesfully ripped a dvd i couldnt rip using imtoo to vob format which is MASSIVE!!

Any ideas of how to stop this failed message or what to use to change the vob to the smaller .avi files or just a program that works fine ripping most dvds to avi or another small video format?

Thanks Jammyd :bigsmile:


sorry i meant ripped to vob format with dvd decryptor!!



Welcome to CDFreaks, this problem is most likely due to the copy protection of DVD Video as you pointed out try to download “RipIt4Me” install it and that would take care of your copy protection problem.