Basic DVD questions



Hi, i recently bought a dvd-ram and am now beginning to explore the world of dvds
I’ve been tryng to compile a dvd with some episodes of absfabs with nero visionexpress but, but transcoding takes more than four hours for a single episode. I converted the divx/avi files to dvd compliant with VSO DivxtoDvd, so now i have 4 \video_ts folders with several files in them.
Can I now create four diferent episodes on a dvd using these files? All the files in the video_ts folder are named alike…
Or can someone indicate me a site that explains the basics if creating dvds?


Yo nardo-

Welcome to the forum-

In the future - please give information on your system/operating system/burners and ODD’s, etc

There are some killer tutorials in here - look at the faqs or do a search - you will be amazed at the volumns of information within these boards-