Basic DVD Player For DVD+R DL?

Up until now my Samsung DVD player had no problem playing dual layer DVD+R’s that had been burned on my computer. But since buying a new batch of Memorex DVD+R DL disks none of them play, all I get is “Loading” and the disk never plays. (regular store rented DVD’s still play fine) The new ones play fine on any of my three computer equipped with DVD burners.

So I guess I need a new DVD player if I want to watch them on my TV but I hesitate to just go and buy a new one (even at $40 or $50 which is reasonable) only to find that the disks still won’t play.

A quick look at Google shopping shows that I could buy something like a Sony DVP-SR200P/B for $33 or a DVP-NS57P/S for $42 but still I have to wonder if these would work? Any advice on particular brands or models that would be good for this purpose?


  • Norm

The disks are probably the problem not your player. Verbatim is the only recommended brand for DL. Your stand alone is pickier than your computer readers. I can’t really recommend one brand of player over another. I bought some cheap upconverting Magnavox for $40 (HDMI cable included) from Sam’s Club two years ago and it still plays burned Verbatim DL very well.

Also, bitsetting DVD+R DL media so that it reads as DVD-ROM greatly improves the compatiblity with standalone players.

The new Sony 200 is really a stripped model, if going with Sony I’d get the 57(which I have and is a great player that plays [I]Verbatims[/I] just fine, I’ve never been gutsy enough to try Memorex DLs). That said I’d have to agree that your media may very well be your problem. I’d try a spindle of Verbs before giving up on your Sammy.

[QUOTE=negritude;2473002]Also, bitsetting DVD+R DL media so that it reads as DVD-ROM greatly improves the compatiblity with standalone players.[/QUOTE]

Just out of curiosity I used VSO Inspector to check the book type of one of the disks that won’t play and it is set to DVD-ROM so I don’t think that’s the problem.

These Memorex disks are made by Ritek to Memorex’s quality specifications and my average ratio of good to bad disks in any fifty pack is 45 good (frequently more and on occasion less) to 5 bad, verified by VSO Inspector in a computer other than the one they were burned on. In general if you Google on Ritek and quality you will generally find very few complaints (and mostly compliments). There were some reports of spotty quality back in 2005 but those were oem unbranded Ritek disks and there was some talk of counterfeiting at the time.

  • Norm

I’m not trying to beat a dead horse but Verbatim DL (MIS) is the ONLY reliable DL disk, period.
If you think a 10% failure rate is acceptable, so be it. Some burners do better with Ritek than others. Be sure you have the latest firmware for you burner.

Just a quick note, most of the lower priced Sony DVD players were out of stock at the major retailers so I ended up buying the DVP-NS710H.

I tested half a dozen disks and they all play without any issues.

  • Norm