Basic DVD compression,back up question

I’m kinda confused, being new to all this. I would like to back up my copy of princess bride. It is on 1 dvd. Since it fits on 1 dvd why wouldn’t I be able to just use decryptor and make the backup with no need to use dvd shrink etc.
reason Iask is, once I decrypt it, it shows that if I do a straight full backup it will be compresssed at 51%. Why isn’t it just a true 1:1 backup? With a 2 dvd set I can see why, to get rid of extra stuff noty needed, but a 1 dvd movie?
a Confused but slowly learning newbie.

Movie releases by major studios are typically on pressed (not “burnt”) dual-layer DVDs. What we have available as “recordables” are DVD5 (4.37GB) and DVD9 (7.95GB), also called R-DL, the DL meaning dual-layer. The DLs are still expensive, but you can indeed do a straight copy with DVDDecrypter, for instance. ISO Read/ISO Write.

You have to decide how to approach this. Money is no object? Burn DLs. Or perhaps you don’t have money to “burn”? :wink: From here you have at least three ways to go:

  1. Reauthor main movie only, keeping only one audio track. This will mean best possible video quality, often requiring no compression at all.

  2. Full backup. So you really think those nifty menus and extras are indispensible? [shrugs] Suit yourself. Picture quality will be degraded, to what extent it will be noticeable depends greatly on your display.

  3. Full backup, but post-process selective “blanking” of unwanted extras to gain space. VobBlanker and TitlesetBlanker are two examples of apps used for this.

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thank you for the explanation, it does help me understand much better. I’ve just backed up a few of my movies (amazing what a 5 yr old can do to the originals lol) and I don’t think scoobydo requires DL disk hehe.