Basic DVD Burning Help needed

Hi everyone - thanks in advance to all who help keep me from going crazy. I am new to DVD burning and I am trying to make copies of my movies, so my kids can have them in the car and I don’t have to worry about them breaking them. I have a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR 111D. I have downloaded and tried Super DVD Copy and DVDFab Decryper. I have tried both Sony DVD-T 4.7GB and HP DVD+R Double Layer 8.5 GB. Please help me figure out what is the best software to use and what media to buy to go with my burner and software


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I would like to learn you all about dvd burning, but it’s not possible to do it in a single post. I’ve been learning for years but still don’t know it all. :wink:

To start with get quality media like Verbatim branded DVD+DL’s. Read our guides and tutorials. Apps like DVDFab decrypter, RipIt4Me, DVD Shrink and ImgBurn also have their own forums in that section I linked to.

Visit homepages for apps you are using, most of them also have good guides and forums.

Hope it helps to start with. :flower:

I am learning more each day, and realizing that it is probably my media that is the problem… Is all Verbatim media the same. where ever I buy it.


I’m sure you’ll heare all sort of opinions here, but my favorite software to make backups of movies is CloneDVD together wity AnyDVD. The later allows you to go around copy protections that come with commercial DVDs and the former is a very easy, very intuitive copying aplication. You can do a copy of your DVDs almost with no effort. They are not free, but affordable, I believe.

Regarding media, I agree on the Verbatims. I also have had good experience with TDKs.

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Try DVDFAB Platinum it’s free for 30 days plus I think it’s the best all around not like some others that you have to pay every year or two and it’s a 1 step program not like the free ones which require several programs to get a burn plus it’s free lifetime updates and can do HDDVD and Blue Ray is next