Basic computer books

hey i was thinking (that could be dangerous) i would like to find some books that would help me better understand basic computer hardware and systems like whats the difference between 32 and 64 bit how to build a computer you know basic computer knowledge i have helped a few people out with computer problems along with the help from you guys but i need more info to help myself for future purchases and op systems

Wow! You want physical books to read? Visit any library. Just kidding, but in this era of electronic gadgets (e-readers, iPad, etc.) and the availability of on-line content, most of it free, I don’t see a reason for buying a book on computer hardware, but if you must, the library is your friend. :slight_smile:

Just my two cents.

Books are static…tech moves very quickly in computers, so I think a better option would be to read the sites that deal with technical problems. is a good introduction to this sort of thing. Others to look at include Arstechnica, The TechReport, Xbitlabs, and SilentPC Review.

thanks for the reply i will look at the sites as for ipads and stuff like that i have a computer and a ipod thats it

Books still have their usefullness and plus you can buy and have a archive so you can review tips and see how it is done when you don’t have a computer around to read. One shouldn’t limit one research to just the electronic sources books contain a wealth of knowledge you just have to know how to go about finding and looking for it. I myself use both Books and web rather them limit myself to one resource.

Here you go.

Where can i find pdfs and e books on computer information?

[QUOTE=Aftershock;2554747]Where can i find pdfs and e books on computer information?[/QUOTE]

Well depends on what do you mean computer information??? You can always do a google or yahoo search and those will come up with results for you look at…

[QUOTE=Aftershock;2554747]Where can i find pdfs and e books on computer information?[/QUOTE] You could print out the entire website i previously mentioned using a PDF Creator.