Basic CD drive replacement

I have tried to replace my CD-RW drive, but with all the trouble I am having with it, I am now just trying to get my original CD drive to funtion. I have tried all of the settings with the IDE port, jumper settings - nothing works. I cannot get my system to recognize the drive upon rebooting. Depending on what setting I have (SL, MA or CS jumper setting with the Ide port marked MASER), I get error messages and lock up.
What am I doing wrong in just trying to get the drive usable? I know my OS (Windows ME) may have something to do with it, yet the drive worked before I started this replacement episode.

When you go into the bios of your motherboard, is the drive showing up there?

Make the drive at the cable end a master, and the drive in the cable middle a slave. What does the cd-rw unit share the IDE line with? Some drives are picky and like to be master, some don’t care. Mention make/model. I also hope you aren’t mising optical drives with HDD.

Get back to us, best of luck!!!