Basic audio/mic.recording



[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On SHM-165H6S. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Help, please for a senior citizen,

These are ‘general’ questions (I guess)

I’m an amatuer pianist trying to record some CD-Rs for when I’m not around, anymore.
'Using Win XP and Audacity 1.2.6 to record to the Hard Drive and afterwards
export to WMP11 for disc burning.
I did some songs but on playing them (prior to export) the results aren’t too good. For lack of proper terminology, ‘blips’, light static, a little ‘echoey’ sounding (perhaps ‘lost’ or ‘dropped’ material/input??)
My questions abound!!

  1. Audacity (free) a poor choice?
  2. WMP 11 a poor choice?
    I can also utilize “Nero 7 Essentials” OR “Infrarecorder 0.46” If they are more dependable or EASIER to work with.
    Bottom line…I can afford to spend $100 - $200 if necessary, to get a better quality recording. I just don’t want to waste money to get only a very small increase in results.
    I’m using Memorex CD-R disks but I also have a bunch of Memorex CR-RWs
    I could use if there are no draw backs to using them. (My mic. is very inexpensive but that may not be the ‘main’ factor. Please digest and advise me as to these matters.
    Thanks, in advance,
    Don from MS.:bow::bow:


The blips are likely data losses during the recording process. Could be related to your PC being busy processing something else, such as a Virus scan. The static is likely related to your microphone.


Thanx for reply. I tried to inform you of what I was working with as much as possible. No other processing taking place during recording!
If you know…in order of expense or process of elimination…should Audacity or WMP 11 be substituted for or would it be best to upgrade from my $10.00 mic.??
Thanx, again, Don


The application used for recording shouldn’t matter, but feel free to experiment. If it occurs with both apps, then you at least know it isn’t application related. The blips, as noted above are likely hardware related and can be caused by many different things. Fragmented HDD, other apps or processes reading/writing to the HDD, slow cpu, too little RAM, the list goes on and on. The issues are likely mic related and just room accoustics.